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ATLASTIME is a California-based lifestyle brand. Their wanderlust-inspired timepieces are designed to inspire and remind people to live beyond boundaries and create unique stories.

Our Story

Atlas Time Co. is a travel inspired watch company with the lifestyle mission to inspire individuals to travel beyond boundaries and to curate their own unique stories.



Your life. Your journey. Your story.

We are inspired by the simple truth that all who wander are not lost. We believe the wanderers of the world are the ones to watch.

Atlas Time Co. is for those who push against the norm, embrace spontaneity, and explore the unfamiliar. We know to find magic; you’ve got to leave your comfort zone.

Whether you're a world traveler, a road tripper, or a backyard explorer, you are curating a beautiful and extraordinary story, one adventure at a time. Our wanderlust timepieces are designed to enhance your narration.

The world is your canvas and time is what you make of it.

Inspired by stories. Made to wander.


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